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Danilenko Vyatcheslav Andreevich

Deputy Director, Head of the Department of Explosion Geodynamics

Corresponding Member of the NASU, Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Danilenko V. A. graduated from the Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute in 1974 by speciality "Chemical physics, including explosion and burning physics ". After graduation he started his scientific activity in the Division of Explosion Geodynamics, and then continued at the Institute of Electrical Welding named after E.O.Paton.

In 1984 he defended his Doctor Theses by the topic "Detonation waves in mixed explosive materials ".

Since 1985 - a Deputy Director of the Institute of Geophysics on Science and Head of the Department of Explosion Geodynamics of IGP.

Since 1995 - a Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine.

Danilenko V.A. obtained some break-through results in geophysics. He constructed mathematical models of block media movement and studied on this base the processes of self-organization of geophysical block media, he discovered some new regularities in the studies of nonlinear wave processes in geophysical media which have a structure. The equations of the state of geophysical media obtained by professor Danilenko V. A. generalize equations of state existing at present and which allow to simulate such phenomena as formation of blocks of initially homogenous state and their subsequent self-organization, as well as the behaviour of geophysical media during long periods at variable disturbances, that is very important for elaboration of new technologies in mining,oil-gas, constructing industries and earthquake forecast.

Based on the results of fundamental studies conducted under Supervision of Danilenko V.A., new technologies of intensifying the mining of variable mineral deposits (oil, gas, water, sulphur, uranium) have been elaborated, high pressure cameras have been designed, due to which new possibilities have been produced in the studies of geophysical media in the wide pressure and temperature range.

V.. Danilenko is the author of more than 190 scientific papers.

A scientist pays much attention to scientific-organizing activity as a Deputy Chairman of scientific Interstate Council of the Academies of CIS countries in the problem "Theoretical bases of burnibg and explosion processes ", as a Deputy Chairman of a Problem Comission on detonation and explosion at the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and a Member of Editorial Boards of the journals "Geophysical Journal " (Ukraine) and "Physics of burning and explosion " (Russia).

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