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Maksymchuk Valentyn Efimovich

Director of the Carpathian Division of the Institute of Geophysics

Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences


Maksymchuk V.E. has been working at the Carpathian Division of the Institute of Geophysics named after S.I. Subbotin NASU (CD IGP) since its creation on the base of geophysical subdivisions of the Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Ac.Sci. of Ukr.SSR in 1991.

He has been working in the system of the Academy of Sciences since 1973 after his graduation from Geological-Exploration Faculty of the Ivano-Frankovskiy Oil and Gas Institute, first as an engineer- geophysicist (up to 1981) of the Lvov Mathematical Physics branch of the Institute of Mathematics of the Ac.Sci. of Ukr.SSR, (since 1978 - The Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics), Subordinate Scientist (up to 1985), Supervising Scientist (up to 1991).

From 1978 to 1982 he was an external postgraduate student of the IZMIRAN USSR (Moscow).

In 1983 he defended his Candidate Theses, and in 1997 - his Doctor Theses. In 1990 he was awarded the title "Supervising Scientist".

Since February 1993 he has been a Scientific Secretary, since January 2003 - a Supervisor of the CD IGP NASU.

Scientific- Production activity of V.E.Maksymchuk is dedicated to the studies of fine structure of geomagnetic field and its variations as well as their application to the studies of deep- seated structure and modern geodynamics of the Earth's crust and to survey of mineral deposits.

V.E.Maksymchuk obtained a set of important results in the field of secular variations of geomagnetic field and tectonomagnetism. The results of these elaborations were successfully applied for the studies of seismically active zones and for discrimination of active faults within different areas of Ukraine (Carpathians and Zakarpattya, the Dnieper - Donets Depression, Volyno - Podolya) and the North Caucasus (Tersko - Kaspian Depression).

He pays considerable attention to elaboration and implementing in geophysical practice new methods and technologies of predicting oil and gas presense in geological structures. In particular, the methhod of dynamic magnetic survey is applied in geophysical prospecting for oil. The technique proposed by V.E.Maximchuk for oil and gas deposits survey based on geomagnitic studies was successfully tested in geological organizations of Ukraine and was applied for discoveries of Selukhovskoye, Prirechnoye and other oil and gas deposits.

The results of V.E.Maksymchuk's studies have been presented in more than 110 publications, including 1 monograph, 1 patent for invention, they were repeatedly reported at the home and international conferences.

As a Professor of the Field Oil and Gas Geophysics Chair of the Ivano-Frankovskiy National Technical Oil and Gas University he lectures for the students and supervises their diplomas. For his personal contribution to the studies of deep-seated structure of the Earth, development of the raw material base of Ukraine he was awarded a title "Honorary Surveyor of Ukraine" in 2001.


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