Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή2

Setting up a method of statistic estimation of the level of whirlwind hazard of the region (exemplified by the Chernobyl NPP zone)

© Legeza V.P
The Ukrainian University of Food Processing Technologies, Kiev, Ukraine
Presented by editorial committee member Starostenko V.I.

The paper proposed elaborates for the first time in the Ukraine a method of statistical estimation of the level of the whirlwind hazard of the region to be applied to the Chernobyl NPP industrial site zone. The logarithmic normality of the law of statistical data distribution corresponding with an alienation zone is proven, the annual probability of passing of a possible whirlwind (tornado) through the given point (Chernobyl NPP) and its account class at the Fujita-Pirson scale are determined. Dynamic characteristics of probable tornado (pressure difference between the periphery and the center of the crater the length and the width of the way of tornado etc.) necessary for calculating the strength of Chernobyl NPP constructions have been obtained. The method may be applied to any ecologically hazarddouse region (object) with its respective statistical data of tornado

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