Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή2

Scalar parameters of impedance type in a laterally inhomogeneous medium

© Shuman V.N.
The NASU Institute of Geoghysics, Kiev, Ukraine
Presented by editorial committee member Gordienko V.V.

Features and peculiarities of local scalar impedances (ζ and parameters) com-pared with usual tensor presentation by a numerical mathematical modeling of MT field of a S film along a latitudinal and a meridional profiles cutting the main geological structures of the Ukraine and the adjacent territories of Byelorus' and Russia are stud-ied. It is shown that in conditions of the real distribution of electrical conductivity of surface conductive rocks in the study territory the values of the scalar impedance ζ differ insignificantly from those of the main components of the usual tensor of the im-pedance that were determined along the primary electrical field vector direction, the module values of the parameter of the study profiles being by one or two orders lower than those of ζ. At the same time the values sharply response to the inho-mogeneities in the distribution of the total surface conductivity S sometimes reaching the values of the main scalar impedances ζ (at points of maximal S gradients). Practi-cal recommenations are given as to processing the data of a real MT-experiment.

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