Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή2

Numerical modeling of seismicity. 1. Diffusion 1D model

© Kulchitsky V.E
The NASU Institute of Geoghysics, Kiev, Ukraine
Presented by editorial committee member Kharitonov O.M.

The article continues the study [1] of a phenomenological seismicity model. The model has the form of an open dynamic deterministic system. The system state is described by a scalar function P(r, t). The system evolution is determined by two processes: a long-time diffusion process with a source and a short-time rupturing process. In this model earthquakes are identified with rupturing processes. At certain values of the model controlling parameters there occurs a stable state when the diffusion and rupturing processes replace each other. Thus, stable seismicity character in the model is ensured. For the unidimensional model a numerical experiment was carried out. Unlike the study [1] where the controlling parameters are set as constants, the present contribution gives analysis results for parameters depending on a coordinate in a complicated way. A good qualitative agreement of numerical modeling results with the known seismicity laws is observed.

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