Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή2

The main stages of the evolution of the Olkhovatsko-Volynthevskaya anticline of Donbas associated with its ore potential

© Belichenko P.V., Gintov O.B., Gordienko V.V.*, Korchemagin V.A., Panov B.S., Pavlov I.A.**, Usenko* O.V.,
*The NASU Institute of Geoghysics, Kiev, Ukraine
**Donetsk State Technical University, Ukraine
Presented by editorial committee member Guterman V.G.

The most simply constructed part of the main anticlinal of the Donets folded structure is studied. At least 10 stages of its deformation reflecting the ptsfalian, old - cimmerian, laramian and recent activization stages have been established. An important role of dextral movements along the Central Donbas deep faults is elucidated. The extension and contraction perpendicular to the axis of the anticline formed a symmetrically vergent structure, therefore the process of the underthrusting of the northern edge of the Dnieper-Donets palaeorift into a subduction zone remains not proved. The ore genesis position in the dynamics of the Olkhovatsko-Volyntsevskaya anticline is studied.

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