Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή2

Local scalar impedance conditions and impedance tensor in processing and interpreting of magnitotelluric experiment

© Shuman V.N.
The NASU Institute of Geoghysics, Kiev, Ukraine
Presented by editorial committee member Starostenko V.I.

Several actual aspects of the present theory of the functions of electrical conductivity in the magnetotellurric and magnetic variation methods are considered. Attention is given to the insufficient argumentation of the new attempts to made deep geomagnetic sounding using a "reduced" version of the accurate impedance relation of Rytov-Leontovich for harmonic fields of natural, and controlled origin. We propose a new approach to the problem of processing MT-experiment which foresees another strategy of its practical realisation. Regularities of the distribution of variable - sense charges induced at the "land-air" interface of the vertical component electrical field are studied.

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