Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή2

Magnetic properties of the core of the Kryvyi Rig ultradeep borehole

© Kovalenko-Zavoisky V.M.*, Ivascenko I.M.*, Kurlov M.S.**
*The NASU Institute of Geoghysics, Kiev, Ukraine
**The South-Ukrainian Geological Research Ultradeep Bore Party
Presented by editorial committee member Tretiak O.N.

The studies of the magnetic properties of the core were associated with the research of the structure of the near - borehole space. On the non-oriented core the tensor of magnetic susceptibility X and the remanent magnetization Ir were measured. The X and Ir values orientation was defined in the geographic coordinate system. The magnetic anisotropy shows that 1) along the whole borehole the layering and the foliation of the rocks strike submeridionally; 2) the deformation of the lower - proterozoic iron - silicon formation and of the underlying archean plagiogranites occured simultaneously, the rocks underwent submeridional extension and sublatitudinal contraction; 3) east of the main borehole shaft, below 3500 km depth, there is a subvertical contact of the plagiogranites with rocks probably belonging to the Krivyi Rig series. The natural remanent magnetization and the associated information have been abolished during boring.

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