Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή3

Algorithms and programs of processing and interpreting data of marine gradientometric measurements of magnetic field

© Gross S.S., Kobolev V.P., Kozlenko Y.V., Korchagin I.N., Soloviov V.D., Yakymchuk N.A.

The problem of computer registration, processing and interpreting of marine magnetometric measurements is considered. The computer technology of the registration and a set of programs of the in-line processing of the data of the magnetic field measurement by two sensors enable us to calculate and to use the course gradient values in the interpretation process, which diminishes the effect of the short-period variations. The algorithm of the recovering of the configuration of the anomalous sources by using the measured magnetic field anomalies and the course gradient values is based on the minimization of the sum of the squares of the differences between the measured and the modeled values of T anomalous and those of the course gradient. The approximation construction based on a whole series of simple geometric bodies (from point masses to cylindrical bodies with polygonal sections), which is used in the algorithm, is suitable for the approximation of rather complicated object. The objective function is minimized by using an effective optimization procedure based on the gradient methods of descent and an algorithm of singular expansion of matrices. The algorithms and the software may be applied in magnetometric observations in marine and oceanic aquatoria as well as in interpreting the geomagnetic field measurement data together with other geophysical data.

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