Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 4

The eastern DDB and Donbas: a new 3-D density model of the Earth`s crust

© Burianov V.B., Makarenko I.B., Starostenko V.I., Legostaeva O.V.

The eastern Dnieper-Donets basin and Donbas: a new density model of the Earths crust. The gravity field of the eastern DDB and Donbas over 330x225 km area is analysed and a density model of their Earths crust is set up. A new computer model providing the input of the information on the medium as maps into a computer by scanning was applied. This enabled us to calculate the model field over a dense network of 3,75x3,75 km from a medium with complicaded discontinuities and density distribution in the layers. In this case we obtained gravity effects of both local and regional inhomogeneities, which means a good state of the knowledge of the crustal structure. The density model has been set up using the data of the reinterpretation of the DSS profiles I, X, XI, whose planned position defined the choice of the study area. The authors use a new methodical means of the gravity effect calculation. The crustal model is split into four plates each containing the main density inhomogeneities of the Earths crust, which enables us to determine their anomalous gravity effect. According to the applied method, the mantle gravity effect has been determined. In the DDB its values are in the limits of the accuracy of modeling, and in Donbas it is - 80 mgal. Together with other geologic-geophisical data this suggests tectonic activity of this structure.

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