Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 Ή4

MTS of the Carpathian electical conductivity anomaly

© Rokitiansky I.I., Ingerov A.I.

Geojmagnetic variation observations in Garpathian region gave the data for tracing the axis of 1200 km long Carpathian electrical conductivity anomaly and estimation of its integral longitudinal conductivity (~ 2x108 S ·m). We made also 40 magnetotelluric soundings (MTS) in the south-east part of the Ukrainian Carpathians, 30 of which are presented below. The shape of the MTS curves regularly changes from south-west to north-east forming 6 zones. In the zone over the anomaly axis 11 longitudinal curves determine the depth of the upper edge of the anomaly to be 12±4 km. The transverse curves here are not sensitive to the crustal conductor but they define a mantle conductor on the h~100÷200 km depth with conductivity of .

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