Geophysical Journal | 1999 volume 21 ¹6

Geophysical fields and features of the deep structure of the Lomonosov submarine paleo-volcanic center.

© Kobolev V.P., Kozlenko Y.V., Korchagin I.N., Soloviov V.D.

Teatures of the gravity and magnetic field of the Black Sea aquatory within the continental slope of the Western Black Sea basin in the Lomonosov submarine paleovolcanic center (LSPVC) area are considered. The character of the anomaly distribution suggests low magnetization of rocks and their areal density differentiation. Results of gravity modeling of the Earth’s crust along the profile cutting the. LSPVC are given. A complicated distribution of sedimentary and magmatic complexex in the Earth’scrust if the region has been detected.

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