Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή2

Problems of endogenous diamond formation in the Ukrainian Shield

© Orovetsky Y.P., Gursky D.S., Kobolev V.P., Makivchuk O.F., Popov N.I., Kirianov N.N.

A theoretical model of crustal diamond formation in the Ukrainian Shield is proposed. The temperature critical for the analysis are provided by overheated magmatic substance of mantle diapirs whose structures have been discovered in Earth's crust of the Ukrainian Shield by methods of deep geophysics. Critical pressure is developed in local units (cells) of mantle diapirs by thermoreactive (up to the gas phase) dissociation of xenogenic crustal material. Hydrocarbon should be contained in crustal substance.The pressure developed in the cell is seven times as high as the lithostatic one, which provides explosive transport of diamond by diatremes (explosion pipes). Potentially diamond-bearing in the Ukrainian Shield are the Volyn, Kirovograd and Near - Azov arkhons, the Korsun-Novomyrgorod tectons and the Vinnytsia proton.

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