Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή3

Valuation of the abyssal geoelectrical parameters in the Koretz and Yastrebovka observatories areas (Ukraine)

© Logvinov I.M., Semyonov V.Y.

The Earth's mantle geoelectrical structure to 1000 km depth is estimated on the basis of a joint interpretation of the results obtained by the regional deep magnitovariation sounding method using the data of Ukraine geomagnetic observatories of Korets and Yastrebovka and magnetotelluric sounding method used at points situated near the observatories. The geoelectrical parameters were estimated in the frame of 1D flat and spherical models to 50 km depths. The results for the western part of Ukrainian Shield (Korets) confirm the data obtained earlier for the N-E part of the USh (Kyiv). For the first time the Crimea (Yastrebovka) mantle electrical conductivity has been estimated and it was shown that there is a considerable difference between the geoelectrical parameters of the Crimea and those of the Ukrainian Shield (USh).

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