Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 3

The valuation of accuracy of the absolute gravimeters of GP-05 type

© Svetlov S.M., Kopyl V.K.

The present state and trends of absolute gravimetry are discussed. The main attention is paid to a problem of the absolute gravimeter systematic errors. The accuracy of a Ukrainian absolute gravimeter, of the GP-05 type is evaluated using experimental data. As a result, a discrepancy of the order 0,080 Gal between the GP-05 and the FG5 absolute gravimeters is found; a systematic bias of the order of 0,040 Gal of the first order gravity station «Kharkov» is detected; interpretation of the obtained results is given. Taking the systematic error into account, the final accuracy of the absolute and relative gravity measurements with the GP-05 gravimeter is estimated as 0,010-0,015 and 0,020 Gal respectively.

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