Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή3

A technique of processing and analysis of geophysical monitoring results of seismotectonic processes in Transcarpathian area and some results of their using

© Verbitsky T.Z., Kuznetsova V.G., Kutas R.I., Kendzera A.V., Latynina L.A., Boiko B.D., Verbitsky S.T., Verbitsky Y.T., Ignatishin V.V., Bevziuk M.I., Riznik I.-M.E., Shlyachovyi V.S.

A technique of processing, complex analysis and interpretation of results of regime geophysical observation is proposed. The approbation of the technique on materials of complex geophysical researches on the Transcarpathian geodynamic polygon in 1992-1997 was made. A statistical model of the change in time of the energy and the amount of the Transcarpathian earthquakes is set up using data of complex geophysical observations made in 1992-1996. The approbation of the model on materials of 1997 has shown, that the designed flow of seismic energy correlates well with the observed one.

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