Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή3

Problems of the Crimean peninsula Earth's crust dynamics in Meso-Cenozoic (tectonophysicical aspect). 2

© Gintov O.B., Murovskaya A.V.

The basic stages of deformation of Meso-Ceinozoic deposits of the Crimean peninsula have been established on the grounds of structural-paragenetic and kinematic analysis of cracks and gliding planes. The Late-Jurassic age of the Karadag volcanic massif has been proved. The Upper-Jurassic rocks appeared to lie basically autochthonously. The character of correlation change of main normal stresses in the process of deformation has been established. A tectonophysical model of the dynamic system of the Southern - shore seismogenic zone has been elaborated.

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