Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή4

A geothermal and a magnetic models of the Earth's crust of Donbas (a tectonic analysis together with DSS data)

© Kutas R.I., Pashkevich I.K.

Thermal and magnetic models of the Earth's crust have been analyzed together with velocity models and the other thorough geological information and therefrom a conclusion was drawn that the architecture and the evolution of Donbas as a part of the late-paleozoic intracrationic Prypiat-Dnieper-Donets paleorift was defined by the precambrian Earth's crust structure and composition a system of prerift distrubances on the one part and the geodynamic processes that took place in the paleoocens (Ural, Paleo-and Mesothetys) surrounding the craton on the other. The rift formation was accompanied by the lithosphere extension and heating, the intracratonic magmatism the structural and conpositional change of the Earth's crust, transport and turn of city separate blocks, shears, sedimentary basin formation. The movement direction changed in Late Trias-Early Yura. The regional contraction in Meso-enozoic was accompanied by shears and the formation of extension zones.

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