Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή5

A model of electrical conductivity of the Earth's crust of East Ukraine

© T.K. Burakhovich, S.N. Kulik, 2000

A 3-D model of the Earth's crust of Ukraine based on the S-film approximation of geoelectrical medium was constructed using magnetovariation profiling data of Central Ukraine obtained by specialists of the Institute of Geophysics NASc of Ukraine. It is shown that the total longitudinal conductivity may amount to 20000 S. Expected that nature of high conduction in the Earth's crust interior of Donbas is due to the conductivity of coals and the presence of mineralizated fluid. The anomaly of conduction in the eastern DDVcorrelates with the spreading of the riphean basement and its nature can be due to the riphean black schist stratum and dehidratation of the mantle rocks by melting. The Near-Azov anomaly of conduction may be due to the accumulation of graphite and sulfide - bearing rocks of the Earth's crust.

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