Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή5

Mathematical modeling of azimuthal anisotropy of the thermal conductivity of the Earth's upper mantle

© G.T. Prodaivoda, A.P. Khoroshun, V.P. Kobolev, A.V. Nazarenko, 2000

The method of relative moments rendered prognostic estimations of the thermal - conductivity anisotropy of the oceanic upper mantle of the Earth which agree with the parameters of azimuthal seismic anisotropy. It is proven that the presence of the lateral (horizontal) conductive heat flow component may supplement significant losses of thermal energy in the upper mantle with its transformation into mechanical energy by viscosity and friction forces. The horizontal heat flow component oriented in the plastic stream direction may, together with mass and heat advection, initiate partial melting in the asthenosphere and favour the location of the upper mantle (according to its density) and the oceanic plate movement.

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