Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 Ή5

Modeling thermal field of homogeneous and non-homogeneous media: method and examples

© V.A. Tsvyashchenko

An effective method of modeling heat field of a homogenous and non-homogenous geological media, based on using of an automated-fitting method and numerical methods of solving heat-conduction equation is proposed. Peculiarities of algorithms and software for evaluating heat flow by net-methods were analyzed. Construction of the model - section and transferring information about the geometry of blocks, which form this model, are realized by an automated system of design - AutoCAD. A special method of converting ACAD - drawing into a special file, used by a program of evaluation of the heat flow, was developed. Examples of modeling stationary and non - stationary heat fields for different types of non - homogenous media are given.

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