Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 6

Philosophy and sciencemeasuring of the natural science productivity and the systems of flows of geophysical information: review

© Lossovsky E.K.

The problems of the natural science phylosophy and its productivity are dicussed. The mechanisms of search for a new knowledge and its selforganization by the systems of flows of scientifical information have been analyzed. A large amount of geophysical journals have been studied, whence 45 journals being the most informative for seismology, deep seismic sounding and seismic prospecting have been chosen and informatively ranked. A theoretical estimation of quantity of all the relevant geophysical journals being published in the world nowadays has been given on the base of Bradford's and Vickery's law of concentration and dispersion of information. An idea of the scientist's professional rating measuring on 7-th number logarithmic scale of fractal dimensionality of the full file of his publications has been substantiated.

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