Geophysical Journal | 2000 volume 22 ╣6

Spatial and spatial-temporal magnetic models of different-rank structures of the lithosphere of continental type

© Orluk M.I.

The paper presents a method of constructing spatial and spatial - temporal magnetic models of the Earth's crust, considers them and interprets them petrologically and tectonically. A magnetic model of the East-European platform set up using a regional component of the field (DT)aat the Earth's surface and ╠└GSAT anomalies enabled us to numerically show for the first time the production of both of them by sources of the same class. The magnetic model of the Earth's crust along the Belorussian - Ukrainian part geotransect of the EUROBRIDGE confirms the subductional nature of the Sarmatia-Fennoscandia junction zone. The spatial-temporal model of the Earth's crust of the Ukraine evidences the discrete character of the magnetic inhomogeneities formation. The magnetic rocks formation periods (2,9-3,2; 2,25-2,55 and 1,9-2,0 mdy) correspond with the times of the early stages of the major tectonomagmatic cycles for the Ukrainian Shield.

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