Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 1

Deep geoelectical studies on the SW edge of the Dnieper - Donets Basin

© Logvinov I.M.

Data from the geomagnetic observatory Kyiv together with magnetotelluric data obtained at 3 points situated not far from these observatory were analyzed to estimate the geoelectric structure on the southwestern region of the Dniper-Donets Basin. Response functions were estimated at 3 points in the period range from seconds to 3 hours by the MT and MVP methods and from 1 to 520 days by using Dst variations. 1D inversion for the middle curve deep sounding has confirmed the existence of conductive zones in the Earth's crust with a conductance of about 200 S at 25-40 km, in the asthenosphere with a conductance of about 800 S at 160-250 km and in the mid mantle with a conductance of about 530 kS at 800-1000 km.

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