Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 1

Analysis of geomagnetic variations associated with earthquakes in the Crimea-Black Sea region

© Sedova F.I., Mozgovaja T.A.

An analysis of geomagnetic variation associated with the earthquake i n the Crimea-Black Sea region is made. The geomagnetic variation observed at the geophysical station in Yastrebovka was researched in connection with the earthquakes marked by extremely low energy class (ʣ12) in the Crimea-Black Sea region during 1991-1994. It was shown, that the relations of the extremal value of the H- component change before and during the earthquake depending on the energy class and seismic focus of the area. The reflex of PcS pulsation depends on the energy class of earthquake. Linear relation between the period of pulsation and seismic focus the depth as wel as the interval from pulsation incipience to earthquake. The PcS pulsation conditioned before earthquake in localized seismic foci in the Crimea-Black Sea region is probably due to characteristic, features of some seismic regions.

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