Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 1

Structure of the junction zone of the Volhyn' and Ros'-Tickich blocks of the Ukrainian Shield based on the results of the 3-D magnetic modeling

© Pashkevich I.K., Eliseeva S.V.

The subject of the discussion are magnetic models of the upper and lower Earth's crust of the eastern part of the Volhyn Block and western part of the Tickich Block of the Ukainian Shield and their analysis together with data on the deep crustal structure in combination with detailed studies of differentrank faults to be applied to investigation of junction zone of these large blocks. The obtained results enabled to characterize features of surface and deep seated magnetic inhomogeneities of these blocks and their junction zone to separate the main fault systems and to distinguished some relations of the composition and the structure of the upper and the lower Earth's crust. The Volhyn' and Rosin-Tickich blocks joined over a wide frequently activized meridional zone bounded by the Vilshansky fault in the West and by the Vilensky fault-in the East. It probably existed as early as before the formation of the vilenskaya and kocherovskaya suites of the Teteriv series and now this aone is buried under the so-called Kocheriv synclinorium that marks its width.

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