Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 1

Geophysical ecology: main problems and ways of their solution

© Orlyuk M.I.

A new aspect in interpreting geophysical fields, namely their studies as an ecological factor is defined. The method of the studies consists in detecting the whole spectrum of spatial-temporal values of the physical fields of the Earth's biosystems and individuals, their correlation and search of mechanisms of their interrelation and mutual influence. A combined analysis of the biosystems (molecular level-organs-organisms-population) evidences the presence of harmonics with equal periods in their spectra. It is assumed that spatially stable and temporally periodical (harmonic) geophysical fields under whose effect the vitally active rhythms of all biosphere levels have been formed are necessary for being and vital activity. The durable changes of the harmonical fields cause the evolution of the biosystems by way of adaptation to new geophysical conditions and the abrupt changes to respective changes in the vital activity of the individuals (populations) by way of their influence on their separate organs (individuals). The quantitative definition of the problems of ecology needs great efforts of the specialists of different scientific branches.

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