Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 1

Approximation of the anomalies of the natural electrical field by an aggregate of equivalent sources

© Dolgal A.S.

It is proposed to approximate natural electrical field (NEF) anomalies by an aggregate of ideally conducting vertically polarized spheres whose dimensions and spatial distribution suggest approximated calculation of the total potential by superposing fields from some sources. The application of analytical approximations in the NEF method enables us to refer the observation results obtained on a rugged relief to a horizontal plane to suppres the geoelectrical hindrauces of nonharmonic character, to tie analytically the NEF values within the survey plotting boards provided that there are no regional anomalies whose dimensions are not commensurable with the study area. The analytical modeling increases the geological informativity of the method in solving exploration and mapping problems. A respective software has been set up. Model examples and results of approximated transformations of the NEF on the golden-ore show in the Kuznets Alatau are given.

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