Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 1

Studies of recent tectonic activity of the Earth's crust in the Hmelnitska Nuclear Power Plant area based on tectonomagnetic researches

© Maximchuk V.Y., Kuznetsova V.G., Gorodysky Y.M., Chobotok I.O.

Geomagnetic field dynamics ivestigations are carried out to study the recent tectonic faults activity of the earth's crust in vicinity of Hmelnicka nuclear station. There is detected, that most active according to geomagnetic data are cross areas of Hmelniksky fault zone with Kremenetsko - Perzhanska and Cherniahivska fault zones. The correlation between the results of tectonomagnetic researches and neotectonic movements data can be seen. The interpretation of tectonomagnetic anomalies ΔΔT is carried out on the base of mathematical modeling. According to the interpretation the strains in fault zones does not exceed 10 bar/year, that indicate moderate contemporary tectonic activity of fault zones.

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