Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 2

New results of paleomagnetic studies of silurian sediments of the r.Dniester Basin, Ukraine

© Bakhmutov V., Yelenska M., Konstantynenko L.

New results of paleomagnetic studies of silurian deposits of SW Ukraine (Podillia region, r. Dniester Basin) are given. The samples are represented by limestones and dolomites of the Yarugska, Malynovetska and Rukshinska series compared in age with the Upper Venlok, Ludlov and Downtone of the British stratigraphic scheme. The main magnetic mineral, the remanent magnetization carrier, is defined to be magnetite of different genesis. The results indicate the ubiquitous permo-carbonic remagnetization of rocks (P-component of magnetization, D/I=203/-19, 95=2,0, pole position of 47S, 352E). For ca. 1/3 of the samples the S-component of magnetization (D/I=215/31, 95=3,2) of presumably silurian age was separated (pole position of 18S, 351E). The new results for the silurian poles of the SW part of the Russian Plate are similar to those of the lower Paleozoic (silurian) part of the virtual magnetic pole migration curve (APWP) for the Baltic region.

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