Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 2

Computer technologies of geopotential-fields interpretation in search of copper-nickel platinum mineralization

© Dolgal A.S.

The problem of separating basite - hyperbasite intrusions spatially and genetically associated with copper-nickel-platinum mineralization by use of gravity and magnetic data is considered. To solve the exploration problems it is proposed to use the following typical scheme of the interpretation process: referring the observed potential fields to a horizontal plane, formation of a 3D-model of the study area and exclusion of the anomalous effects from the known geologic bodies, subdivision of the residual fields into components, transformation of the local components of the fields by the approximation method; combined interpretation of the local components and transformants of the field by using algorithms of the detection of images, synthesis of the obtained results, solution of inverse problems. Program-algorithmic data are briefly characterized together with the results obtained by their practical application.

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