Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 3

Fundamental relations of impedance type in magnetotelluric and magnetic variation methods of geoelectrics

© Shuman V.N.

Most significant theoretical results related with the affinor of input impedance and scalar local conditions of impedance type on an arbitrary closed discontinuity are presented. The classic conception of tensor impedance and Wiese - Parkinson matrix is analysed in detail. Conditions of physical order that restrict the rightfulness of the infinite use of the models of the impedance tensor and the induction matrix in processing and interpreting a magnetotelluric and a magnetovariational experiment are considered. In particular, one of principled mistakes is that the boundary conditions of impedance type and the material equations may, in a general case be treated independently. It is hoted that within the scope of these approximated models a correct definition of the problem of the observation data processing may be very difficult. We propose a new approach to the problem of processing data of magnetotelluric and magnetovariational methods of studies that is based on the conception of the affinor of input impedance or scalar conditions of impedance type that enables us to simplify and unify an experiment in whicq the measurements are completely and unambiguously made in terms of input impedance. Using mathematical modeling we study features of scalar parameters of impedance type in specific geoelectrical enditions of the Ukraine. Possibilities of generalizing a classic procedure of orthogonalization by D. Eggers notably used in recent years in practice of theating the results of an mt - experiment are discussed.

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