Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 3

Dynamics of the geomagnetic field in Phanerozoic. Cenocoic phenomenon of polarity

© Tretiak A.N., Vigilianskaia L.I., Slivinskaia G.V., Yakuhno V.I.

Based on a detailed structural analysis of magnetic zonality of Phanerozoic, a version of geomagnetic field evolution in the 600my - present time interval has been set up. It is shown that the cenozoic stage of the Earth's geological evolution is an origional phenomenon in the history of its magnetic field. A strong energy impulse that put the Earth's magnetic field to the state of an extraordinary peturbance should be sought in cosmic contacts of our planet; one should also consider the fact that present the Solar system is at the begin of the «winter» of the XXIIth Galactic Year.

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