Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 3

Basic function spectral correction and envelopes of seismic traces

© Grin' D.N.

An algorithm of mean-square-root (m.s.r.) approximation of a seismic trace by narrow-band basic functions components is proposed for increasing data resolution and setting up envelopes with preset properties. To set up basic functions gauss filters and a version of their frequency expansin are used. The problem of the determination of the coefficients of the seismic trace resolution by basic functions consists in their orthogonalization by Gramm-Schbidt method. On an actual material results of spectral correction as a sum basic function components evaluated by the m.s.r. norm are illustrated. The algorithm censures increase of the resolution and stability to low frequency interference waves. The basic function envelopes correlate well in all frequency ranges.

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