Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 3

A mathematical model of an automated system of an active seismic monitoring

© Mostovoi S.V., Gai A.E., Mostovoi V.S., Osadchuk A.E.

Mathematical models of an automatic seismic monitoring system and its application are proposed. The paper continues a series of the publications devoted to the problem of seismic and other geophysical research automation [1, 2]. In particular, there are two main aspects under consideration: compensating of sounding signals frequency - characteristics instability and corrections of signals distortions originating on a path from the sensor to the system's physical interface. The first allows correctly restore the form of the response after summing of media responses during the active monitoring. Thesecond enables us to compensate distortions of observable fields introduced by recording equipment. For a correction of the experimental results one should use the a priori knowledge of the distribution of the emitters frequency characteristics instability and characteristics of registering equipment, communications links of sensors with the physical interface of the system, characteristics of the system's interface, etc. For each case algorithm that restores the initial characteristics of the registered geophysical fields is proposed.

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