Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 4

Recurrence of the Carpathian earthquakes

© V.V. Kutas, I.M. Rudenskaia, I.A. Kalitova, 2001

The results of a compasion of mean values of the magnitudes of subcrustal carpathian earthquakes of the Vrancea region calculated from records of a network of seismic stations of the Ukraine and Moldova, with the data of one of them taken to be a reference one are given. The changes in time of the level of seismic energy of the earthquakes that occurred in different parts of the Carpathian region in the 1965-1996 period are shown. The results of two versions of the estimation of the frequency of the recurrence of the Vrancea earthquakes of different energetic level are analyzed according to instrumental observations (1952-1996) and with considering macroseismic data on the destructive events of the XVIII-XX centuries.

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