Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 5

Parameterization in the mathematical models of geologic media in solving inverse problems

© Kobrunov A.I.

The choice parameterization represents the basic question at construction of mathematical models of geological mediums on the geophysical data. It predetermines the substantial party of received result. Four approaches to the formation of parameterization are considered. Conventionally subdivided into approximate, variation, effective and geodynamic approaches. Each of them is directed on the decision of a concrete class of problems connected to construction physics-geological model of investigated geological medium and has natural area of applicability. At present, the approximational approach to formation parameterization is most and the geodinamic one is least developed, consists in modeling genesis of investigated object, that by a natural image derivates components, allowed to a variation, of model and limits of their variation. At the first stage the mathematical device of such modeling can become a cell automatic method of devices. The variation principles of formation parameterization are most universal, but require the carefully fulfilled technologies of an optimality criterion formation as expressions really available a-priory of the information on geological medium. Effective parameterization occupies the especially important place at the visual analysis of the data and formation of new elements at formation concrete parameterization of medium. In future these approaches should be incorporated within the framework of a common interpretation of technology.

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