Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 5

The acoustic effects in the microcrack geologic media

© Prodayvoda G.N., Maslov B.P., Wyzhwa S.A.

A new method of the definition of effective non-linear elastic parameters of a microcrack geologic medium is esteemed in view of physical and geometrical non-linearity. For the first time acoustic elastic effects in geologic media with initial stresses are investigated. The non-linear elastic constants of model microcrack plagiogranite are computed. The stereoprojections of characteristic surfaces of the factor of differential elastic anisotropy, isolines of phase velocities of longitudinal polarization, isolines of differential velocity of "fast" and "sluggish" surges of cross-sectional polarization of microcrack plagiogranite are adduced at different state of stress. The diagnostic signs for the kind of state stress of a geologic medium and the directions of operating of the main and maximum tangential stresses are established from the parameters of the anisotropy of volumetric elastic waves.

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