Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 6

Petrovelocity modeling of deep Earth's crust zones of the NW Ukrainian Shield

© T.S. Lebedev, P.A. Burtny, V.A. Korchin

For the first time, results of petrovelocity modeling of different - depths Earth's crust zones of the NW Ukrainian Shield are presented. The basis of the constructions are regional data of the experimental study of the elastic parameters and the density of rocks in respective programmed PT conditions of the experiments, the VI Geotraverse DSS results as well as the data of a detailed analysis and generalization of the respective geologic-geophysical information. The petrophysical PT researches there showed a high differentiation of the velocity (Vp, Vs) and density (r) parameters of rocks in a wide range of their values . The model constructions enabled us to precise the complicated structure and composition of the crust of this part of the USh most probably due to the specifics of the multistaged geologic processes in different periods of its formation.

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