Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 6

The problem of the magnetostratigraphy of the Paleogene of Ukraine and Eastern Paratethys

© A.N. Tretiak, L.I. Vigilanskaya, V.I. Yakukhno, A.Y. Karzanova

A critical analysis of the available magnetostratigraphic scales of Phanerozoic has been made. Against the relatively calm state of the magnetic field in Phanerosoic, numerous polarity reversals have totally been marked in the 65-25,5 my interval before present. The specific field inversions marked by the directions of the magnetization of geologic formations of paleogenic age may serve as temporal and spatial taxons of planetary rank. As the basis for the determination of age relation and the correlation of separate paleomagnetic sections of Paleogene of the Ukraine and Eastern Paratethys we recommend to use the magnetostratigraphic scale of Cande and Kent 1992 "A new geomagnetic polarity time scale for the late cretaceous and Cenozoic" as most complete and substantiated.

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