Geophysical Journal | 2001 volume 23 6

A method of simple modeling in solving gravimetric problems in a class of 2D-contact surfaces

© E.G. Bulakh, T.V. Korostyl

In the practice of interpretation of gravimetric problems the method of selection is often used. In the frames of this method it is possible to consider all apriori information in the most complete form. Two approaches - the method of simple simulation and analytical solution are highlighted. In the method of simple simulation the interpreter works with software means which allow solving only the direct problems. The work is orientated at such approach. To solve the direct problems it is necessary to clear out parameters of the model and coordinates of outer points in which a result should be received. Two are highlighted simulation subclasses. In the first subclass the abnormal field is caused by variations of contacting surfaces from the selected zero levels. The second subclass is a complete geological model, the disturbing masses are located completely between the discontinuities. The coordinates of the characteristic points and two horizontal asymptotes define every discontinuity. The surplus density of containing masses can be a function of the coordinates of the points. For approximate presentation data about densities in predefined points are used. The work of program blocks is illustrated by two examples.

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