Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 1

Universal method of solving of the inverse seismometric problem

© Bugaevsky G.N., Litvinova E.V.

The possibility of the solution of an inverse seismometric problem by the method of Lens is analyzed. It is a step - by - step method based on a quadrature whose weight will be used by the integral characteristics of a core of an integral equation of Voltaire's type of the kind K(t, r), under condition of g(0)=0. Here, a special attention is given to the plan, based on the formula of Duhamel which is used to determine the ground movement speed by solving this integral equation. Test calculations have been made to examine the capacity of the algorithm for the core g(t, t) and aset of functions x(t)=x(t, w), that model the input signal with which the actual seismogram corresponds. The model calculations have shown a good serviceability of this method and a principled possibility of its application for processing actual seismograms aimed at definition of the real ground movement.

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