Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 1

Problems of evaluating the oil and gas source potential of sedimentary basins of the Far East region (FER)

© Isaev V.I., Kosygin V.Y., Soloveichyk Y.G., Yurchuk A.A., Hulenok R.Y., Shpakova N.V.

Outlooks of the development of large-scale oil- and gas exploration on the continental part of the Far-East Region (FER) and in the paleogenic-upper-cretaceous deposits of I.Sakhalin are outlined. The need of the reevaluation of the prognosed resources of UV on the basis of a genetic method and the analysis of the UV-system dynamics is stated. A complex of problem tasks associated with the regional prognosing and the estimation of the UV resources: formation of an oil and gas data bank, setting up mathematical models and computer programs of the regional-zonal prognosing of parent masses and zones of probable oil and gas accumulation, realization of the results of prognosing in GIS-system formats as an informational basis for automated 3D-analytacal calculations in estimating the prognosed resources is formed. The authurs inform about the state of the solution of the cited problems in the GP "Dalinform-geocenter" responsible for the information resources of the FER in the oil and gas branch. The methodical principles of projecting and the state of the regional data bank are shown. The author's computer method, the experience and the state of prognosing oil and gas potential are illustrated on examples of the FER sedimentary basins. The authors inform about the main scientific-technical aspects of the future work aimed at developing a data bank, computer means of mapping of parent rocks and oil and gas accumulation zones.

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