Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 1

A petrophysical model of electrical conductivity of a thin layer clayeysandy mass

© Karpenko A.N.

A petrophysical model describing the change of specific electrical resistance of a fine - layered sandy - clayey mass depending on its clay content, the relation of the types of the distribution of the clayey substance, thye matrix porosity is proposed. Most popular existent models of the electrical conductivity of porous rocks the conditions of their applicability are briefly analyzed. The author introduces a new parameter - the coefficient of layering of the clayey material that enabled us to set up a model of the specific resistance of a thin layer sandy - clayey mass suitable of the problems of quantitative interpretation. The change of the collector features of the thin - layer mass depending on the total clay content and the coefficient of the clay layering is described.

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