Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 2

Magnitostratigraphy of late-miocenic marine and continental sediments of South Ukraine on an example of the section Bereznegovatoe (the territory of Eastern Paratethys)

© E. Krol, G.V. Slivinskaya, A.N. Tretiak, V.A. Prisiazhniuk

A magnetostratigraphic study of the lower - meotian and the lower - pontian sedimentary rocks in stratotypical section Bereznegovatoe in South Ukraine has been made. The sediments of this section are enriched with the fauna of the sybcontinental and the marine rhythms of the sediment accumulation of Lower Meotian and Lower Pontian. The section is sufficiently well marked in time by radiometric dating of the main stratigraphic boundaries of the sediments of this age in Eastern Paratethys made on volcanic ashes. The magnetomineralogical studies of the samples of a collection show that the main carrier of their magnetization is magnetite. The standard procedure of the samples demagnetization by the variable magnetic field and temperature, the separation of the primary characteristic Jn component by the method of the Kirshvink analysis together with statistical tests were used to acquire the initial data of further paleomagnetic constructions. The regional magnetostratigraphic section Bereznegovatoe marks the state of geomagnetic field in the time interval of 6,5-9,5 my and contains reliable paleomagnetic benchmarks for stratifying and correlating of similar masses within Eastern Paratethys.


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