Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 2

On the stress resulting in the tectonosphere from changes of the rotation regime of the elastic-viscous Earth

© K.F. Tiapkin, M.M. Dovbnich

The stress appearing in the earth's tectonosphere, resulting from changes of its rotational regime is calculated. As the model of the tectonosphere a thin elastic-viscous ellipsoidal envelope with the compression analogous to the earth's in the geological epochs under consideration was used. It was shown that in the epochs of the earth's tectonical activizations corresponding to the periods of time with the maximum rate of drift of the Poles over the surface of the earth, the stresses appearing are quite adequate to overcome the limits of strength of the tectonosphere's rupture. In other words, then the stresses afford the process of fault-formation in the tectonosphere and accompanying it geological phenomena, i. e. confirm the main points of the new rotational hypothesis of geostructural formation.


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