Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 2

Forecasting parent masses and zones of oil-and-gas accumulation by results of geodensity and paleotemperature modelling

© V.I. Isaev

The geological-geophysical premises are stated and a technique of volumetric and areal forecasting of parent masses (by geotemperature criterion) and of zones of possible oil-and-gas accumulation (by geodensity criterion) of the sedimentary basins of the Far East oil-and-gas region. The object of forecasting are cenozoic hollows and sags - the independent systems of generation and accumulation of hydrocarbons of organic origin. The basic data are those of seismic gravimetry and the research of separate deep slits. The methodical basis of forecasting are regional geodensity modeling of zones of the improved collectors, paleotectonic reconstruction of density sections and geotemperature modeling of catagenetic evolution of sedimentary rocks. The application of the computer technique of forecasting is illustrated by outcomes of modeling and construction of maps of oil-and-gas parent deposits and zones of probable hydrocarbon accumulation in the limits of Nabil depression of Sakhalin. The urgency and the perspectives of the development of a technique of forecasting are caused by the growing requests of the "resource" substantiation of regional and explore work on the Sakhalin shelf and, as a whole, in the Far East region of Russian Federation. The present work, as a scientific trend, was recommended to the author by professor V.I. Starostenko in a 1988.


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