Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 3

The results of DSS studies along the Geotransect EUROBRIDGE-97

© Ilchenko T.V.

The international geotransect Eurobridge-97 crosses the Pripyat Graben and the northwestern region of the Ukrainian Shield where it goes over the Volhyn Block mainly along the western margin of the anorhtosite-rapakivigranite Korosten Pluton, and over the Podolian Block ending at the southern slope of the Shield. Though the DSS observations were not detailed here the basic parameters of the Earth's crust and upper mantle velocity model obtained by forward modelling (depth and shape of seismic boundaries, character and range of P-wave velocity variations, degree of layering) allow to do some suppositions about the geotectonic development of these geostructures — two-channel and three-stage magmatic influx process during the rifting period of the Pripyat Graben formation; crustal origin of the Korosten Pluton mafic complex; probability of the mantle rock intruding (spatially even and of low intensity) into the Podolian block lower crust. The velocity structure of the contact zone between the Fennoscandia and Sarmatia is well studied at the uppermost mantle level.

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