Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 4

Methods of geoelectrics in studying magnetic properties of sections

© N.V. Reva, V.N. Shuman

Some theoretical, methodical and metrological problems of the evolution distance - time sounding systems are considered for studying both electrical and magnetic properties of a geologic medium. A basic mathematical apparatus of remote - magnetic soundings with inductional and galvanic field excitation is presented. For the first time the problem of obtaining integral magnetic characteristics of the investigated layered medium on the basis of asymptotic formulae of the effective magnetic parameter in the remote zone of the field excitation zone is considered in detail. A method of evaluating anomalous effects of the magnetic parameters due to horizontal geoelectrical inhomogeneities of the section at the galvanic field excitation is proposed. Practical examples of the method application are given.

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