Geophysical Journal | 2002 volume 24 5

Heat flow and recent activization of the Donets Basin

© Usenko O.V.

A hear flow (HF) map of the Donets basin compiled by use of the results of HF determination at 5246 points of which 642 have been obtained for the first time is presented. The normal and abnormal HF values have been calculated. The latter are clearly tied geologically to fluid-permeable zones resulting from the present activity. The consideration of the events of the Cimmerian activization within the Donets basin allows to conclude that it was the same as the present one. Such an active process corresponds with a heat redistribution within the tectonosphere which will form partial melting zones in the upper mantle and crust, ascend the magma melts to 8-10 km depth with subsequent heat release by the ascending fluid to the day surface.

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